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What to Expect/Frequently Asked Questions
How long does therapy last? 

The length of Psychotherapy is unique to the individual. Some issues require only a few sessions while others may need more time. However, length of treatment is flexible and frequently discussed. In your first session we will discuss needs and expectations of therapy length. Psychotherapy is an ever-evolving process and I will make sure to check in with you regularly regarding your progress and expectations. 

How does this all work?

For a majority of people the first initial step of calling for an appointment and coming in for that appointment is the most difficult. Clients often report feelings of relief, comfort, support, and hope about promoting change in their lives after the initial appointment. 

If you believe we may be a good fit you can contact Dr. Saks to schedule a free 25-minute phone consultation. Here we can discuss the specifics and I can determine if I am best suited for your needs. If I am not, I would be happy to help you find a therapist that is best suited for you. 

After we have decided to start our work together we will schedule a first initial session. This first session will involve a detailed evaluation of your history and current life circumstances and how they contribute to your presenting concerns. By the end of this session we will have made an initial personal plan for treatment and we will schedule weekly 50-minute therapy sessions. 

Why weekly?

I have found that weekly sessions foster a faster, more stable, and deeper change. After some time and with a decrease in symptoms, it may be possible to cut down on amount of sessions to bi-weekly or monthly. As we check in with each other over the course of treatment, session frequency will be continually explored and discussed. However, I always prefer to begin with weekly sessions and decrease the amount over time than to begin with fewer sessions and increase the amount.

Who benefits from therapy?

The simple answer is that anyone can benefit from therapy but of course it not as simple as that. It is up to you if you want to change. Therapy is not a passive form of treatment. The client is expected to be active in his or her treatment. If you put in the time and effort, positive change is inevitable.

Who should seek therapy?

Psychotherapy is not only for individuals suffering from mental illness or for people in crisis. It is also very useful for individuals who desire personal growth or an increase in their self-understanding. Additionally, it can help repair or improve your relationships, gain a better understanding of your destructive or positive behaviors, and help you become the person you have always strived for. Psychotherapy can help decrease the negative and emotionally draining symptoms of many issues. It can help you identify symptoms, triggers, and healthy coping strategies that you can use throughout your life.

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