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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

“We can change the way we think and feel about a situation, even if the situation does not change.”

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a present-focused and goal oriented therapy approach. The therapist takes a more active role in helping people overcome a variety of symptoms by teaching different skills and techniques to help manage the thoughts (cognitions) and behaviors that contribute to their problems. The therapist and client work together to set clear, measurable goals and both take an active role in the treatment process.
It is based on the idea that it is our thoughts that cause our feelings and behaviors, positive and negative. It posits that if we understand how we think then we can learn how to change our detrimental ways of thinking, leading to an increase in healthy and positive behaviors, resulting in an increase in ones mood. 
CBT is empirically based, goal oriented, practical and concrete, active, and collaborative. There is considerable empirical evidence that demonstrates its effectiveness for numerous problems. In my own work I have found CBT to be particularly effective for anxiety disorders including, panic, social anxiety, specific phobias, and Obsessive Compulsive disorder. Additionally, it has been shown effective for a variety of other problems including depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, personality, and many others. 

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